Will the Monsters touch me?
NO, the monsters will not grab you, however there are tight spaces and some intense scares. Some actors and props will come close and maybe even brush against you. If you get lost there might even be a helpful clown over your shoulder to help you find your way
What if I chicken out along the way?
Notify and actor and they would be delighted to escort you out safely, but may also provide curagious pep talks to help you proceed through the haunt. However no refund will be given because you paid us to scare you...and that's what we did, right?
Is there an age limit?
Nope! but please use discretion. Some things in our haunt may only be sutable for a certain age so just use your better judgment, we would hate you for them to get lost and the clowns have a tasty treat. we kid we kid...hehe Anyways,We try to keep it family friendly but we also like to be your worst nightmare.
Is the haunt open in the rain?
Yes, we are indoors.
Is Freaks Fair handicap accessible?
No, due to the tight spaces and use of specific props we are unfortunately not handicap accessible.
Is there a charge for this haunt?
Yes, $1, keeping it affordable so you can keep coming through!
Will I be photographed or videotaped at this event?
It is a possibility that you will be. But only for use in our promotional materials such as this website.
What if I have a heart condition or am pregnant, etc.?
We would not recommend you experience our haunt. Including any conditions that may occur due to darkness, strobe lights, fog machines, loud noises,and other related props.
How long have you been haunting?
This home haunt has been in several location but has been haunting for years. The owner Jeremy Warlen and his group of friends come out every Halloween to deliver nothing but the best of screams. This haunt only provides the best and is constantly growing to produce more scares for you. So please come out and enjoy the deadliest show on earth..