Holy Slats! Haunted Church Build

We have got the new haunt structure built, but now it’s time for some siding. We are going for that abandoned wooden church look so we decided to do the classic layered slat siding.

With wood prices being through the roof this year, we didn’t know how we were going to pull this off. Luckily enough found an alternative to the pricey lumber inside the store sitting next to some flowers.

That’s right, we found the best priced slats in the garden section outside the lumber yard. Fence Pickets were about the 3rd of the cost and already have a weathered look we need. The problem with pickets is you only get 6 foot (at least at my store) and you have to cut off a little more than an inch of the rounded picket edge. Other than that, this was an awesome find for us this year.

We have a bunch more to go on this new build so stay tuned for more BEHIND THE SCREAMS!

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